Don’t Rock the Horse: Living in the Element of Wood

cover story-febHorse people would have gotten good news if they read our Chinese Feng shui horoscope last year. The sought after Hong Kong fortune teller of fame and fortune, Mai Lingling, had predicted that those born under, and represented by, the energy of the Horse would be protected by the shining, luckiest of lucky stars spoken locally as Tàiyáng, and known in English as The Sun. The horseys were advised to seize the chance for exploring overseas markets or extending their business, gaining approval from both colleagues and supervisors. They were warned mostly to just not run their mouths about their success.

Now it is time to see if the little ponies lived up to their potential, because the personal zodiac year is traditionally one within which to be cautious. In the important and not so materialistic categories of wealth, relationships and health, there are some obstacles on the thirteen month horizon. The predictions that we tracked down, claim that horses in authority will be OK, but be cautious of business deals grounded in market fluctuations, new relationships and winter illnesses.

It is not nice to say, but it seems that those with this year of birth, as usual, have offended Tàisuì, the great god of human fortune with their very existence. As such, 2014 will usher in a period of fluctuation that may require great resolve. But as often as the fortune tellers warn of despair they are also quick to show the silver lining. The advice from the pros is to work in groups. Treat people friendly and behave honorably and the year should work out for all involved.

This year, combining the twelve animal signs of the zodiac and one of the five rotating elements, the cosmos have determined that 2014 will be the Year of the Wooden Horse (maybe it is a good time to warn Troy). The “science” of astrology is grounded in a fine balance between extremes, as is evident in the differences of scope in celebrity horse personalities. Both Jackie Chan and Rowan Atkinson are Wooden Horses born in 1954, and the trend of extremes between tough guy and sensitive mopes is upheld in other horse years with the likes of Mike Tyson and David Schwimmer (of Friends fame), both horses from 1966.

It has been 60 years since the last showing of the Wooden Horse …

It has been 60 years since the last showing of the Wooden Horse, and this year may finally regain a solid foothold after being snagged in the 2000’s, or 20-oughts, the Ohs, the Zeros or the Zips, Twenty Hundreds, Twenty-ohs, or whatever they were (no wonder they were so much trouble for so many people). The horse is a magical beast in Chinese legend (Reading the HERE! Play family activity page will share the Chinese fabled creation myth), so what is this animal that is at the center of the all the lucky and unlucky constellations of the Far Eastern skies.

The strong sleek animal is much more than a beast of burden here. It is a favorite animal providing able transportation since the times of yore. Without them, there was little interstate communication or trade, and that place of historical importance has led to the thoroughbred being a symbol of traveling and expeditious success.

And like their spirit animal, horse-people are highly competitive and passionate lovers of open spaces, making them great in positions of leadership. And from what we are reading from sources, their furnaces run hot because the hour of the horse is home to high noon. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m is dedicated to the athletic animal that generates so much heat that their Chinese constellation deligate is one of romance and social activity.

Then, all of us should consider that wood is fuel to the fires of nature. So too as it is in the fires of life. So the word of advice to all the equine lovers out there is to team up with the others around the bonfire, like Tiger and Dog, to form strong bonds of success. But, and there is always a but, don’t let the tempers flare out of control, because without patience there is too much room for error when it comes to playing with heat.

The ancient Chinese text, the I Ching, tells us that the Wooden Horse is thought to be the most reasonable of the five elemental horses. From our stables to yours, here’s hoping that this year is fair to all.