Holiday Schedule 2014: Updated after Citizen’s Say

business-jan1After growing discontent with the public holiday schedule, China’s Office of National Holidays conducted an online poll to determine the holiday schedule for 2014. A notable issue for most foreigners working in China was the re-arranging of weekends in order to accommodate holidays. In 2014, weekends surrounding long holidays will only require one day of work to be made up rather than both weekend days, eliminating the seven to eight straight working days of previous years.

The detailed holiday:

New Year
• January 1

Spring Festival

• January 31- February 6 (seven days in total)
• January 26 (Sunday) and February 8 (Saturday) are official working days

Tomb Sweeping Day
• April 5-7 (three days in total)

Labor Day
• May 1-3 (three days in total)
• May 4 (Sunday) is an official working day

Dragon Boat Festival
• May 31-June 2 (three days in total)

Mid-Autumn Festival
• September 6-8 (three days in total)

National Holiday
• October 1-7 (seven days in total)
• September 28 (Sunday) and October 11 (Saturday) are official working days

The State Council also released the “Decision on Revising the Measure of National Holidays and Memorial Days” on the same day, which adds some special holidays for certain groups of people, including women, youths, children, and soldiers. It will enter into effect on January 1, 2014.

The schedule of special holidays:

Women’s Day
• March 8: All women enjoy half-day leave

Youth Day
• May 4: Youths over 14 years old (and under 28) enjoy half-day leave

Children’s Day
• June 1: Children under 14 years old enjoy the whole day off

Memorial Day of the People’s Liberation Army of China
• August 1: Soldiers on active service enjoy half-day leave



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