Police on Patrol


For the first time in Dongguan, 1,300 members of the police force have been equipped with advanced patrol devices for regular patrols of the main roads in downtown areas during the evening and morning hours. Started in October, the campaign involves 54 crowded commercial areas in Dongcheng, Nancheng and Guancheng with about 200 policemen on duty, in groups of at least three officers for one route. To assure the new policies are taken seriously, the general director of the patrol team, Yan Xiaokang, also the Director of Dongguan PSB and Deputy Mayor, is allegedly visible on patrol at least once a month wearing a distinctive white uniform.

The new technology provides multifunctional task management, using GPS, an S.O.S. alarm system, video cameras and walkie-talkies. The command center in the Dongcheng police precinct receives data from every patrol team—they’re required to send pictures regularly—and monitor the situation, ready to send back-up at the first call for help. In addition, each team is also armed with guns, police batons, pepper spray and other standard patrol equipment.

The patrol time is Monday to Friday from 8 to 10:30 p.m., Saturday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. The key patrol areas include the Global Plaza area, Yonghuating, Woling, Dongcheng Bar Street, Nancheng Walking Street, Hongfu Road Wal-Mart, First International in Nancheng, the West Gate, Shiqiao Road, Xiangyang Road, Cultural Plaza and People’s Park.