In the Local Media: November 2013

NEWS_November (1)I’m Bikeman After taking justice into his own hands, a Changping man is upset because police refused to send him a thank you letter. The man, surnamed Ma, had his bike stolen while in a bank. The next day he set out another bike, this one unlocked. Ma waited for the thief to return, and brawled with the culprit when he tried to steal it, ending with Ma taking him to the police. Instead of praise, he was reprimanded because what he did may be against the rules on public security administrative punishments. (Dongguan Daily)

Record Corruption On trial in the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, former deputy secretary general of the Dongguan municipal party committee Wu Zhanhui faced charges of corruption. The October 11 trial heard allegations of bribes worth RMB 40 million and asked about another RMB 170 million in unaccounted assets, equaling the highest recorded crime of position in the history of Guangdong. Starting as a driver in the 1986 Guangdong government, the Dongguan native from Zhongtang Town, rose rapidly through a few different departments. It was when he was tapped as Dongguan’s next deputy mayor that a background check brought light to the alleged crimes. He is charged with accepting bribes for an industrial waste disposal project while he was the director of the Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau during 2003 to 2012. (Yangcheng Evening News)

Puffer Poisoning Without proper licensing, a restaurant illegally prepared poisonous puffer fish, leading one customer to lose consciousness. Its catering license was withdrawn and the owner banned from opening a restaurant for five years, the most serious punishment Dongguan has ever decreed. The restaurant named Haipan is located in the famed Shatian seafood gallery. Its owner Feng Honggen was fined RMB 50,000 by the Dongguan Food and Drug Inspection Administrative Bureau. (Dongguan Times,

Highway Abandoner While his father answered the call of nature alongside the highway in Jiangmen, Guangdong, his son drove away upon spotting the police. The man surnamed Guan returned when he felt safe, but found his father had left. Searching for three hours, the father was discovered by police at a bus station. A similar story happened in Hubei Province a few days earlier, only it was the husband abandoning a wife. The police car carried the wife chasing after the husband for more than eight kilometers before catching up with her deserter. The police lectured the man for a while and let him go. (,

Unexpected Treasure A landlord, along with three hired hands, found millions in cash hidden under his rental apartment’s bed and reported every cent to the police. On October 14, the landlord, Ma Guangdi, found four boxes of cash totaling RMB 6.33 million in Chang’An’s Jinniu Garden while cleaning the house after the tenant hadn’t paid. He suspected the cash was illegal and reported to the police right away without opening the other three boxes. The police removed the cash to be guarded over night in their gun vault before transferring to a bank the next day. An investigation is underway. (Southern Metropolis Daily)