Environment Helpers


Demonstrating self-initiative, over 20 volunteers clad in green T-shirts busied themselves on October 13 by cleaning commercial graffiti off the white stone base of the Huangqi Mountain lantern. For years it has been a regular monthly event showing care for the city’s environment in addition to all kinds of different environment friendly activities and promotions.

The Dongguan Environmental Protection Volunteer Team was founded in 2006 by three like-minded individuals, who were unsatisfied with careless behavior toward the environment and decided to establish the team to spread the notion. For seven years, the team has expanded to over 1,700 registered volunteers and done numerous publicity promotions throughout the city.

One of their best known projects is the protection of the endangered mangrove forest located in the coastal towns. They held exhibitions and speeches in schools, raising people’s awareness to the complex ecosystems, especially the younger generations. Their other volunteer activities include the recycling of mooncake boxes and Spring Festival flowers and mandarin orange bushes, collecting old booksand calendars for the needy, planting trees, picking up trash along the Dongjiang River and visiting orphanages, farewell centers and nursing homes.

To volunteer register online: www.dg6home.com.