The Latest in Dongguan: Foreign Direct Investment News

Whether you have a company looking to expand into Dongguan or one that has been established for years, attention paid to changing regulatory procedures allows companies to avoid penalties and ensures compliance with the newest policies.

Large-scale LED projects in Dongguan

Beginning in June, the Dongguan Government adopted the “Implementation Rules for Promotion of the Development of the LED Industry for Dongguan Municipality.” There are several key points and incentives that companies involved in the LED industry should be aware of in order to maximize profits in Dongguan:

  • The Dongguan Government will provide a bonus (maximum 25 percent of investment) to the major high-tech investment projects in the LED industry. Qualified projects can receive a discount of up to 70 percent on the interest of the loan for three to five years.
  • The Dongguan Government will provide financial support (no more than 25 percent of the investment) to the core research and development projects within the LED industry, conducted by independent legal entities that have registered in Dongguan and own the independent patent technique.
  • In order to promote the usage of LED products, the Dongguan Government will provide a 10 percent price subsidy to those entities that install LED products.

The implementing rules only apply to enterprises registered in Dongguan. These rules were announced during the Dongguan City Government Executive Meeting on May 27. The authorities regulating this project are the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau and the Dongguan Financial Bureau.

Social Insurance Contributions for 2013

The Dongguan Social Security Bureau has announced the 2013 adjustments to social insurance contributions, effective from July 1. The entire range of social insurance contributions can be found on the Dongguan Social Security Bureau Website.

2013 Contributions






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