Visa Update

visaAiming to cut back on foreigners illegally working and doing business in China, the State Council published draft regulations implementing new exit/entry administration law. The draft took effect, starting July 1, after the National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed the draft into law last year. The new regulations have been translated into English, and can be found here. But for a quick look at what is most likely going to affect expats in Dongguan we have gathered a few notes from around the Web.

First, authorities are now allowed to reject visa applications without explanation, though this power will likely be reserved for special cases, like if your fashion sense is too far behind the times. Then there are the changes to existing visas. The Z employment visa is now split into Z1 and Z2 versions for over and under 90 days. The same goes for the X student/intern visa, which is split into long and short-term visas.

As far as we can tell, there are four new visas types as well. The M, for business and commercial visits, and R, issued for skilled talent, are the two most likely to catch local expats’ attention. Especially the R because they’re only presented to those in short supply, and Dongguan expats are a rare breed. But if you are breaking the rules, watch out for the fee increases that are raising by anywhere from RMB 4,500 to 9,500 for infractions like failing to register residence and overstaying visa limits.


  1. leeovisa09

    The NEW Chinese Immigration Law and The NEW Foreigner Entry-Exit Administration Regulations came into effect respectively from July 1, 2013 and Sep. 1, 2013.

    For more details, please refer to http://www.cn-visa.com

  2. nitro624

    I made the mistake of not renewing my visa for 2 and a half years ,I was put in Dalang prison in leg irons ,handcuffed to a bed for 15 days most of the time in the prison hospital somewhere in Dongguan.When the US ambassador said I would be held at least 40 days before the Chinese govt. would even look at my case ,then pay a fine up to 20’000 rmb then pay my own way home.On the 15th day I was taken to the Guaungzhou airport and the Chinese govt paid my airfare to San Francisco.I was not allowed to take anything but the clothes on my back , I had to leave all my possessions in my apt. Luckily my son lives in SF so I had a place to go.All in all I was treated very good by the police I was given a complete physical and much needed medical treatment in the hospital at no expense to me. I thank the Chinese govt.for helping me get thru a difficult time. I hope no one has to go through what I did so do not forget to follow the Visa rules and everything will be OK. I really miss all my friends and wish I was still there.