Special Children’s Day

childrensdayOn Children’s Day, celebrated on June 1, the youngest in China receive a day off from school and get special attention from parents, teachers and society in general. It is also a time to raise social awareness of the special needs of some children. On May 29, 20 kids from the Dongguan early childhood education center were invited by the Dongguan Sheraton Hotel to spend a day of fun. In the hotel, volunteers assisted with arts and crafts. They made pottery and paper cuttings, and with the instruction of Pastry Chef Buck the children learned how to bake cookies. To complete the day, the children were treated to a buffet dinner at the hotel where the children’s cookies were served as desert. The school, located in Dongcheng, provides vocational training, a library and a recreational center for the visual, hearing and speech impaired, and for those with physical and mental disabilities.