Mr. Cat’s Place

mrcatAtmosphere and ambience are important factors for coffee houses, so six months ago baristas began serving customers in a Doncheng hangout for cat lovers. The idea for Mao Jiang Chaguan, or Cat Sauce Tea House, came to the three 20-something sibling owners when their parents complained of the cats being in their home. Opened six months ago, the one of a kind shop is home to seven pedigree cats and their independent spirits, with occasional purrs, tail-chasings and self-grooming, making patrons want to caress their chins and stroke their fur. Located in the underground of Lifeng Center on Lifeng Road, store manager and co-founder Li Zhanzhi said about his sapphire-eyed Siamese and fat, fluffy Russian blue, “my cats won’t be as welcoming as dogs, only cat appreciators can understand them.”