School Spirit


On May 1 dozens of concerned parents of QSI students met at Dongguan’s cpc People”s Letters and Calls Office in what they were calling an activity to be heard in regards to actions that would have required the international school to close its doors on June 20 because it was operating for some years without proper license. “All of our parents come here just for our children,” said Vivian Zhang, a Taiwanese parent leading the movement. “We are angry and worried that the kids cannot go back to this school again, and we want to know why it is going on like this.”

Though the parents acknowledge that the school may have made some mistakes in the process that is necessary to operate as an official international school in China, they were upset that QSI was not given enough time to file for the license, which would leave the students scrambling for a new institution of education over the short summer months before the next school year. In a meeting called by the education bureau on May 20, the parents were informed that QSI had been granted another year to file the paper work.

“My Kids say they want to stay with their friends and stay at the school. [They] need to give us enough time to look for another school or give QSI enough time to apply for the license,” said Zhang. The early May activity was in response to the Dongguan Education Bureau ignoring a letter prepared and sent by Zhang and other parents. After hearing of the extension, Zhang said, “I cannot say we are happy because we still have the problem about getting a license, but at least we got some relief.”