Folk-Made Dongguan Opinion Film


A group of passionate youngsters have been videotaping a ten-part documentary, interviewing random people for their opinion of Dongguan. Inspired by media coverage of the government’s Dongguan image film that was released a few months back, Jason Yang and two friends initiated this project and named it “Seeking a Dongguan Spokesmen.”

“We hope outsiders can hear what the people living in Dongguan say about the city,” said Jason, “that Dongguan is not as bad as they thought and they love the city.” The section, filmed in Qifeng Park, has exceeded eight thousand Weibo reposts and was listed on Youku’s recommendations on the day of its release. During April and May, the crew went to seven Dongguan landmarks, including Songshan Lake, People’s Park and Central Square. “We made a lot of friends, and were touched by their true feelings, which strengthens our ideas and keeps us going,” said Jason.

Watch the full videos.