Lychee Season


Lychee is one of the most widely cultivated fruits in Dongguan, and it provides unforgettable picking experiences during the season that last from June to July. The season is short, so advanced planning is recommended. The best ten picking locations are highlighted on the Dongguan Lychee Association’s Web site, Most of them cover the three most common varieties: nuò mǐ cí (bright red, smooth skin), guì wèi (thorny skin) and huái zhī (late-ripening, blander flavor). Outside of Dongguan, in the northeast is Zengcheng the hometown of lychee, where over 15 strains differing only slightly in shape, color, texture and flavor grow on the hillsides.

According to Uncle Ji, owner of a lychee orchard in Dalingshan, due to continuous rainfall in March and April the lychee production is about 30 present lower than the previous year.

Longxing Lychee Base

  • Price: About RMB 40-50/person
  • Phone: 13509824656
  • Address: Dapingzhang Forest Park 东莞市大屏嶂森林公园

Zengcheng Donglin Orchard

  • Price: RMB 30/person, RMB 5 less with over 20 people.
  • Phone: 13318878818/13809287698
  • Address: Taiping, Zengcheng 增城市荔城街太平村下塱开发路