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Thinking Bar

Thinking Bar

This is one of those local hangouts that by definition is not much different than most locally owned bars. It is not too big. The entertainment consists of the friends you bring with you and pop music played from a laptop. Decoration is minimal without obvious continuity, and the seating is not much more than wooden stools.

It does have a bar. It also has a mirrored disco ball and bartenders. The bar is marked with patron’s marker graffiti, which is nice because when you have a moment in between conversation, you can read. The disco ball is unlit, which is OK because you’re not coming to this kind of place for a night of loud techno. The bartenders don’t necessarily know how to make all the mixed drinks on the menu, which is only disappointing if you want to drink a Pink Lady.

The best way to describe this place is that it has enough pull and popularity with expats that it was very easy to convince them to join for a night of lighthearted discourse and heavy handed jokes. “Sure, I could swing by there for a few,” was the response. It might not be the best known place, but those that know it speak kind words about the dignified charmer that owns the place, Sam.

He gave the place its English name as a reference to the bar’s Chinese name, Xingqiba. The place is meant to be that fantasy eighth day between Sunday and Monday. “It doesn’t exist, but it does exist in your mind, a place for you to relax in your imagination,” said Sam.

There were no dice cups noticeably present. There were no obnoxious crowds expecting to hear overly hyped Korean pop songs. Dancing like a horse is also not required. And there is no food, but the alcohol is available, which is what is truly essential.