Old-Style Transport


Passing by the bustling central district of Dalang Town could remind you of early 20th Century Shanghai, happening upon a scene that appears there with a period typical rickshaw and its driver wearing a white vest, loose black pants and round hat while waiting for customers. Gao Tong, a migrant from Henan Province, created his human-powered transport at a cost of nearly RMB 5,000 spawning from his enthusiasm for exercise. “Seeing the coachman sweating so much in the old Shanghai TV scenes, I was thinking pulling a rickshaw could be pretty good exercise. So I made my own rickshaw to work out,” he told a reporter from Dalang Weekends. Tong has run two marathons in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, placing 100 out of nearly 20,000 people in the latter event. He pulls ten or eight times a month, mostly around the Changsheng area, but sometimes across town in weekends.