Kite Gallery


After days of April rain and gloom, a long-awaited sunny day on Sunday April 14 made the 5th Songshan Lake Kite Festival a brilliant outdoor activity. Co-organized by Dongguan Times and Spa Supermarket, the event attracted hundreds of parents and children to join a variety of activities such as a kite exhibition and kite flying performances with all kinds of colorful kites imitating bats, mermaids, butterflies, and octopuses dancing around the sky. The only downside was a deficiency of wind.

“Our students with their new kites rushed out onto the field and managed to launch them using leg energy instead of wind energy. Sometimes there were a few little eddies, enough to get the kite to the end of the string for a couple of minutes,” said New Zealander Kay Hitchcock who took the weekend boarders from Utahloy International School Zengcheng out for the weekend. “I love kites. Flying a kite gives you a magical connection with the wind, and at a festival there are so many beautiful kites, like an art gallery dancing in the sky.”