Ink Stories

inkstories4Who: Daniel Spencer, Chile, 80s generation

Where: Wrist

Why: Sometimes no matter how up you are, you can always be alone in your soul. I guess many of us pass in a country so different from our own hometowns. I made it to remind myself the purpose of all this, why I’m doing it and why I should keep doing it. It gives me strength to keep going on the difficultly of work and life itself.

How Was Your Experience? Painful, but not like a skateboarding slam. Since I don’t have another tattoo I don’t have parameters to compare, but I guess it was good.

inkstories5Who: Gao Yiqian, China, 80s generation

Why: I like it.

Believe the hype? Are Chinese parlors unsanitary or unprofessional? Before yes because they screwed me up and made my back horrible. But later I know Jarry, he’s the best.

What would have made it a better experience? If there’s no pain.

Was it different from your expectations? I didn’t think about it. I just trust him. He’s professional.

inkstories1Who: Damon Giannoccaro, South Africa, 70s generation

Where: Left shoulder, upper bicep

Why: My tattoo is a work in progress; it is a timeline of my life. I will add to my timeline tattoo as I experience fundamental changes in my life, accomplishments, milestone occurrences and life altering events. I lost my step mom a few months ago and I will be honoring her passing on my tattoo.

Do you believe the stigmas that Chinese tattoo parlors are unsanitary and unprofessional? Not at all. The same stigmas can be said for tattoo parlors around the world. I have travelled extensively and have seen really dilapidated and unsanitary tattoo parlors in some of the world’s top cities. I have come across many tattoo parlors in China and Asia and they mostly have been really clean and trustworthy. The staff and artisans have all been extremely welcoming and skilled. The hygiene of any tattoo parlor is really up to you to decide if it meets your stand- ards and if the parlor is willing to allow you access to view all the equipment, needles and apparatus used.

Who: KK, China, 90s generation

Where: Arm

Why: I like it.

Believe the hype? Are Chinese parlors unsanitary or unprofessional? In the beginning yes, but not after my tattoo at Jarry’s. He’s very sanitary and professional.

What would have made it a better experience? Nothing, I trusted the artist very much.

inkstories3Who: Barbara Martins, Brazil, 90s generation

Where: Well, I have seven tattoos total. I got four of them here, two on my back, one on my right foot, and one below my bikini line.

Believe the hype? Are Chinese parlors unsanitary or unprofessional? Not just their tattoo parlors but even their restaurants. Some places are very dirty and completely unsafe. You just need to be a little careful when looking for a tattoo artist.

Was it different from your expectations? I already had a tattoo when I got my first one in China and I was actually surprised. I always thought that the Chinese ink and needles were of poor quality. I was wrong.

inkstories6Who: Meng Meng, China, 80s generation

Where: Hand, ear and neck.

Believe the hype? Are Chinese parlors unsanitary or unprofessional? I had concern before, but nothing happened after the tattoo.

Was it different from your expectations? Each time the tattoo surprised me.