In the Local Media: May 2013

Deadly Fungus Chang’An’sLotusHillparkis home to the toxic wild mushrooms commonly known as death caps. The white fungus took five lives last month. On April 5, twelve friends picked death caps while climbing the mountain, cooking and eating them that evening. Within ten days four died. Eight days later, another suffered the same fate. After a day in the park, two men fried and ate the caps with pork, killing one of them. The man’s sister blamed the park for not posting warning signs. More

Desperate Father In an attempt to defraud his insurance company, Taiwanese businessman, Mr. Cai recruited his friend Mr. Huang to assist in a faked murder. Going through bankruptcy and needing money to save his severely ill son, the two came up with the plot on January 4. After buying travel insurance worth up to NTD 18 million, Cai and Huang went to a park in Houjie Town and created a scene as if Cai was robbed and killed with a plastic bag sealed around his head. Huang was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the crime of intentional homicide. (Dongguan Daily)

Danger Eels A man in Foshan was exposed on a local online forum for having had a 50 centimeter long, thumb-thick eel surgically removed from his intestines on April 3. Local media has confirmed the hospital did perform an operation on a man to remove a 1 kilogram eel from his guts. The reason behind the accident was the focus of the story sourcing a hospital intern as confirmation, the 39-year-old man had imitated a sexual scene from pornography and accidentally let it slither into his anus. But this is not a solitary case. In July 2010, a man in Dongguan’s Fenggang Town experienced the same. In his defense, he said he how Much is that Eely in the Rectum had inadvertently sat on a bucket of eels while showering. He managed to work for half an hour before almost passing out from pain being sent to the hospital. More

Thick as Thieves Unable to break into a rental house in Chashan on the first floor, two thieves climbed to the second floor on the early morning of April 17. They stole a bicycle parked in the first floor and carried it back to the balcony. One climbed down first. Without checking that the other was at a safe distance thief number one threw out the bike hitting his partner who fractured his right leg as he fell. The uninjured of the thieves rode the bike to freedom leaving his partner to be caught and sent to hospital. He confessed they had climbed into the house, but denied the crime. More

New Road to the West Dongguan Avenue, downtown’s main artery connecting the eastern and the central city areas, will soon complete its extension. It is estimated to play a big role in linking the western waterway towns such as Shatian, Hongmei and Wangniudun to the city center via Gangkou Avenue. Real estate developers have aimed at regions along the extension years ago, building more and more apartments and villas. News channels report that the commute will be less than half an hour from Shantian Town to the First International area. More

Jogging around the Lake Over 3,000 passionate joggers walked around Songshan Lake’s 50 kilometer greenway on April 13 to promote environmental protection. Being the third event of its kind, the number of participants increased from hundreds to thousands. Entrepreneurs from Shenzhen and Dongguan, amateur photographers, and environmental activists were invited to better witness the high-tech industrial development zone’s ecological environment. More

Low Quality Spring In March,thenewsof a black unknown substance found in Nongfu Spring bottled water instigated a series of research experiments throughout April. The Zhejiang based company was accused of having production standards lower than the national tap water standards; one of its river sources in Hubei is noticeably abundant with garbage. But the company insisted that their water has no quality problem. The sales in Dongguan dropped slightly. More

Dog Thieves Caught The biggest ever Dongguan based dog smuggling gang has been caught with eight arrests. In three groups they were active in four towns and three nearby cities, and last year allegedly committed over 1,000 crimes involving at least 3,000 dogs. On February 11, four burglars broke into a factory and threatened the security guard with knives, taking four Belgian malinois worth RMB 34,000 totally. The case triggered an investigation by Wanjiang police, leading to the April 12 capture. More