Flu Update


Since the first three human cases of H7N9 in Shanghai and Anhui, the virus has spread to 35 cities in eight provinces radiating from Shanghai and infecting over 100 humans and killing more than 20. As for the situation in Dongguan, on April 26 an official from Dongguan Disease Control and Prevention Center surnamed Chen told HERE! that “Dongguan is quite safe now. All the confirmed cases are from the Northern provinces, none have occurred in the south yet.”

The disease, which was called “one of the most lethal influenza viruses we have seen so far” by the World Health Organization has still not shown evidence of inter-human transmission, though studies have shown it is theoretically possible.

Although experts reassure that eating fully cooked poultry and hard-cooked eggs are safe, Dongguan’s poultry market has been affected dramatically. The wholesale price of chicken dropped by half. Dr Michael O’Leary, the head of the WHO office in Beijing told reporters “I eat chicken every day, chicken is of no concern at all.”

A vast network of provincial bird flu surveillance sentinel sites, covering 21 cities, have been set up in 86 hospitals, clinics and laboratories with the ability to identify and separate the bird flu virus. Any suspected patients will be sent to one of these sites for further investigation. Three hospitals have been designated to keep and cure infected humans in Dongguan, they are Dongguan People’s Hospital, Shilong People’s Hospital and Taiping People’s Hospital.