Community Vaccines


The Animal Husbandry Veterinarian Station, according to Mr. Chen of the Dongcheng department, has provided rabies vaccinations to pets since 1950. In their mission to prevent epidemics, this year they will also be offering the chickens and pet birds of the public a flu vaccine. “All the mandatory vaccines are free. And we even mobilize the people to call us to help to inject the vaccine for the pets and chickens,” said Chen. “For some people we even go to their home to inject their pets or birds.”

By gathering statistics and speaking to community housing developments each department chooses a few gardens for a day that the communities can gather and receive vaccinations for their pets. Dongcheng’s Dongtai community held theirs in April and March and the Gangbei community will hold a public clinic in New World Garden sometime in May. To participate register with the management center or call the Dongcheng department at 2267-0631 and Nancheng’s at 2241-3852.