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The Beautician and The Thread

When one of Dongguan’s most respected cosmetologists takes a tour to find an ancient beauty secret, she discovers a less painful way to a smooth face. It’s human nature to

App A Day Work Week

The ultra-popular, messenger app wechat  has commandeered chunks of downtime, taking over chats from work, play and family. Here’s five more ways to waste time—one for each work day.  Day

Principals Matter: What Our School Leaders Really Think

I was a rebel. Getting sent to the principal’s office, while terrifying to some, was just another day in school for me. Through experience, I was numbed to the horror

Old Time Monopoly: How Dongguan’s Co-Ops Survived the Fall

Throughout the first three decades of the PRC, a centrally controlled economy was applied to the country. China was underdeveloped and closed to the world. No private and foreign businesses

One Day in central square

Have 16 hours of free time? Follow these easy, step-by-step directions for a full day of discovering the better and lesser known neighborhoods of Dongguan. Breakfast Up Start the day

Hashtag Dongguan Brands

These six local brands sprouted up to make some rich, some proud, and some nationally recognized. they put all of us on the map. You know Nestlé. If you’re Swiss,

What if Saturday Night Live originated in China?

Last week the Internet lit up as quickly as Bill Murray’s wit when news broke that America’s beloved and long running skit comedy show, Saturday Night Live, would be arriving

Hidden History: Peeking through Village Relics

BRIDGES TO NOWHERE DAFEN VILLAGE (WANJIANG DISTRICT) Progress encroaches to the very edges of ancient craftsmanship, and though village planners have maintained these links to history, the bridges of Dafen are

Two-Sided Story: Show about Sisters Takes on Bigger Issue

With shows like The Empress (武媚娘) and Journey to the West (西游记), much of China’s television spins yarn into fantastic renditions of ancient culture and myth, but with Hakka Sisters,

The Blackhole List: Take Action against Junk Text Messages

Like biological warfare, the carriers of spam roll through China’s neighborhoods spreading pestilence indiscriminately. While not always quite so dramatic (cold calls have long been a sales strategy) today’s spammers