Dongguan’s Most Famous Son

 Way Back When: Jeremiah Jenne takes a look at the General with an infamous war cry… On a cold February day in 1626, Dongguan native Yuan Chonghuan is far from

HERE! Donggaun 1st Beer Fest Photos

HERE! Dongguan 1st Beer Fest Photos from the event held in Dongguan on December 5,  2015 from 12:00-22:00, admission was free.

Model Mandarin: September 2015

BEAR IN MIND Learn by saying things you shouldn’t As you know, Mandarin is a tonal language with many homonyms. As a result, sometimes people will use the wrong tones and

And the Int’l Food Fest winners are ..!

Thank you to everyone that came out to support this community event. There were almost 800 people throughout the day. It was a huge success, and another thanks goes to

Silk Secrets

Learn It! More than 4,000 years ago, somebody in China discovered something amazing! When they found how valuable this secret was, China kept it from the rest of the world

Old Time Monopoly: How Dongguan’s Co-Ops Survived the Fall

Throughout the first three decades of the PRC, a centrally controlled economy was applied to the country. China was underdeveloped and closed to the world. No private and foreign businesses

What if Saturday Night Live originated in China?

Last week the Internet lit up as quickly as Bill Murray’s wit when news broke that America’s beloved and long running skit comedy show, Saturday Night Live, would be arriving