HERE! Is Recruiting a Graphic Designer and WeChat Editor

Wants You! Join our great team at HERE! and become an integral part of Dongguan’s renowned local media brand. Add value to your name as a published graphic designer/WeChat editor, build your portfolio

Dongkeng Labor Selling Festival

Having been an annual tradition for over 400 years, Labor Selling Festival celebrated in DongKeng, aka the “water splashing festival” comprises an immense flock of thousands of locals, whilst they walk,

Journey To The Southwest: Reaching New Heights

Have you been in Dongguan so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a tourist? Presenting history, culture and aesthetic appeal, these southwest china attractions will reignite your

Bespoke Sounds at Wu

“Wu” is a sound aesthetic brand with a studio for bespoke and handmade headphones. When you enter the studio in Nancheng, you will see all headphones are well looked after

Slivers of Life

  A young girl has some difficult choices to make, whilst figuring out the mystery and meaning behind her emotions. It’s been two years. To Noémie it has nearly felt

Swan Mountain

A brave girl prepares to make a dangerous choice. With tradition and expectation weighing her decision she must follow her heart and trust in herself. Today was the day. At

Lan Leathercraft Studio

Lan Leathercraft Studio offers the perfect space for being creative whilst learning new handicraft skills. If you’re feeling bored with the same old bags and wallets, why don’t you try

RiseUp Mobiking Dongguan

Mobiking Dongguan, the first major RiseUp活动 event, was an all-day adventure through two of Dongguan’s most beautiful parks; Shuilian Mountain and the Dongguan Botanical Gardens. RiseUp活动 is a non-profit organization