DG Two Frisbee Champions Revealed

Last year saw the launch of the inaugural Dongguan Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Building on last year’s success, this year’s DG Two Ultimate Frisbee Tournament on January 19 saw even more

A Fresh Concept: the New Age Era for Salads

A decade ago, a hearty salad was an unfamiliar concept, and Dongguan was yet to introduce the foundations for greatness in the form of a cool, crisp bed of leaves


DECEMBER: hot pot, Christmas & more PULLMAN DONGGUAN CHANG’AN BANQUETING HOUSE CHINESE RESTAURANT Year-End Banquet Three kinds of banquet table sets, each for 10 people to enjoy, from 1,688 to

Pizzeria Calzone’s 15th Anniversary Bash

November 30 marked a very important Dongguan milestone, the 15th anniversary of Pizzeria Calzone, one of the oldest Western restaurants in Dongguan owned and operated by an expat. The anniversary

Happiness is Homemade

Home is where the heart is they say, so read on for useful ways on how to add a dose of love and soul into your space and never be

The Ball is in Your Court

Basketball is certainly one of the most popular, well-loved sports in China, and in the world in fact. But what does it mean to play or watch it here in

Facing The Music: Five Expat Bands Under The Spotlight

The sounds of Dongguan are live & alive and diverse with chorus & verse. But the question behind the encore is how did they get here? We discover the reality

Fantastic Filipino Fun at Murray’s

120 years ago, the Philippines declared its independence from Spain and June 12 has become an annual holiday in the Philippines with major ceremonies and parades. The day is spent

A Beginner’s Guide to Meituan: Exploring the Posibilities

If you’re Chinese, there’s a good chance that you also have the famous Chinese app known as “Meituan” installed on your phone and you probably use it fairly regularly to