A Crazy Mess In the Rain @Holi Fest

The “Festival of Colors,” or Holi Festival, is an ancient Indian celebration and is a time both for welcoming the advent of spring, and to end conflicts. On March 23,

HBT Jo’s Birthday Party

On March 23, there was another birthday party in town. Tons of people swamped to Hollywood Baby Too in Dongcheng to celebrate Jo’s birthday. Flowing free drinks started from 9

We Chat and Eat: BBQ at Amigos

WeChat is the top social media platform in China. Even expats are getting so used to it that they couldn’t imagine life without it. Paulo Alves, an active event-goer, started

Success For Tower Bridge & Amici

March 2 saw a hot opening party hosted by Tower Bridge Pub and Amici, and it’s safe to say that it was a towering success! 

Big River’s Grand Opening Party

Big River Brewing Co. held their Grand Opening Party at 33 Town on March 2, and certainly kicked things off in style! 

Food All Day@Hollywood Baby

This Saturday, February 23, Hollywood Baby Bar Chang’an hosted their first  “FOOD ALL DAY ” event, which was free to all that attended. It certainly set the tone with a

Winter Camp

Check out 2019 Camp Culture presented by HERE! Coaching and London Bridge Academy.

DG Two Frisbee Champions Revealed

Last year saw the launch of the inaugural Dongguan Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Building on last year’s success, this year’s DG Two Ultimate Frisbee Tournament on January 19 saw even more

A Fresh Concept: the New Age Era for Salads

A decade ago, a hearty salad was an unfamiliar concept, and Dongguan was yet to introduce the foundations for greatness in the form of a cool, crisp bed of leaves


DECEMBER: hot pot, Christmas & more PULLMAN DONGGUAN CHANG’AN BANQUETING HOUSE CHINESE RESTAURANT Year-End Banquet Three kinds of banquet table sets, each for 10 people to enjoy, from 1,688 to