The Scene

First Taiwanese Hospital

Initiated by the president of the Taiwan Businessmen Association of Dongguan and financed by Taiwanese enterprises, the Dongguan Taixin Hospital should open in the second half of the year after

Dunkin’ No More

In the days of our lives we will see sad days, and we will rejoice. May 2013, it was in this month of this year that Dunkin’ Donuts closed its

Folk-Made Dongguan Opinion Film

A group of passionate youngsters have been videotaping a ten-part documentary, interviewing random people for their opinion of Dongguan. Inspired by media coverage of the government’s Dongguan image film that

Railway Express

On May 9, an operation agreement concerning the development and construction of the Dongguan railway system was signed between the Dongguan government and Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation (GRC), a government-owned

Dixon Camp Challenge

Five time CBA champion Jason Dixon’s basketball camp, bestowed skill training and technique to students aged from 6-18. The camp, having taken place on weekends since February added an extra

Lychee Season

Lychee is one of the most widely cultivated fruits in Dongguan, and it provides unforgettable picking experiences during the season that last from June to July. The season is short,

NBA Camp

This coming July brings with it an opportunity for Dongguan area youths to train at the CBA Dongguan Basketball School. Among other scheduled camps and activities, they will be able

School Spirit

On May 1 dozens of concerned parents of QSI students met at Dongguan’s cpc People”s Letters and Calls Office in what they were calling an activity to be heard in

Keep Helping Ya’An

It has been over a month since a 7.0 earthquake devastated Ya’An Sichuan on April 20. Dongguan expat residents Chris and Melissa Smith returned to the city from their early

Visa Law Update

In the past issue, we published a brief on some significant changes in the new Exit-Entry Administration Law applying both to foreign and Chinese citizens that took effect in July.