The Scene

Sculpture Show

On October 25, a sculpture exhibition kicked off in the 21 Space Art Museum in Guancheng. Featuring figurative sculpture, which is derived from real object sources, the exhibition displays creative

Old Buildings, New Life

Buildings left incomplete and condemned after the 1997 Asian financial crisis halted the decade’s realty boom, may soon be given new hope. Instead of demolishing and starting over, officials are

Police on Patrol

For the first time in Dongguan, 1,300 members of the police force have been equipped with advanced patrol devices for regular patrols of the main roads in downtown areas during

Environment Helpers

Demonstrating self-initiative, over 20 volunteers clad in green T-shirts busied themselves on October 13 by cleaning commercial graffiti off the white stone base of the Huangqi Mountain lantern. For years

Lions Feeding Lambs

Earmarked to benefit Dongguan’s children and youth services, RMB 1.5 million was raised on October 18 at an event celebrating the founding of the Guangdong Hi Gui Lions Club. The

CBA Season Preview

Basketball fans have more reasons to like the CBA, and not just as a cheap way to see aging NBA stars. In 2005, due to disagreements between ownership and the

Cleaner Buses

Vehicle emission control has of late been receiving much attention lately. Not only tightening access of stronger emissioned yellow labeled vehicles into the city and replacing most gasoline powered taxis

Creative Ideas Assembly

There’s good news for Dongguan’s craftsmen, designers and stylish home goods collectors. The city’s first creative folk art market is taking place in Guancheng on August 3 and 4, where

Taxi Deficiency

The fact that it’s hard to get a taxi downtown during rush hours is already unreasonable, but recently the situation seems to be getting worse. Due in part to some

Help Ya’an Tally

Following the devastation left by the April 20 earthquake in Ya’An Sichuan, Treasures of Hope charity thrift store and the AMBD Brazilian women’s club, along with HERE! Dongguan, set about