The Scene

Fame Down Under

Brian Goorjian, head coach of the Dongguan Leopards basketball team, had reached the highest possible glory and recognition awarded by the Australian basketball association. On November 22nd Goorjian was one

Badminton City

In recent years, with over 800 badminton halls scattered around the city and a first-class professional training center in Nancheng, Dongguan has been developing its badminton environment. Therefore it was

Driving Points

Since the implementation of the new driving regulations as of January 1, 2013, thousands of drivers had accumulated 12 points and were obligated to take a safety course and retake

Faster Data Closes In

For the readers among us that use smart phones (we recognize how small this number is), and have a contract with China Mobile, the opportunity to use 4G service is

Ayi Can Cook

On the evening of November 26, a few local housemaids gathered together to learn a little more about their foreign employers palate and eating habits. Hagit Krenin, of Kfar Saba,

Baywatch: Dongguan

After a week of training and study, the first 20 members of the Dongguan water rescue team qualified for lifeguard certificates on October 29. This is the first water rescue

MIDI Returns

For the rock fans who missed the last MIDI Music Festival in May, here comes another chance to enjoy the largest rock music festival the country can offer. Held from

Eat to Help

It’s nice to get the chance to help others while enjoying yourselves during the holiday season when love is greatly spread. A charity dinner will certainly bring joy and warmth

Food Expo in Dongguan

Update: This article, originally in the print version, was published prior to being postponed indefinitely by organizing officials due to low vendor participation.   The first Dongguan Food Expo is about to kick

Creative Display

A creative fair with products and services from Dongguan’s fast growing creative industries has been organized by the Center Enterprises Group (CEG) under their Idea Creativity development project, along with