The Scene

Can-Cham at your service

Having been organizing events for the wider Canadian community in the Pearl River Delta under the title of PRD Canadian Network from 2016, an updated version of this organization—Canadian Chamber

Dongguan’s 1st traveling Frisbee Team

Before the emergence of HERE! Outdoors, there was no official Frisbee team in Dongguan. Of course, now we have Ultimate Frisbee which we’re sure you have heard of, but did

Expats initiate new sitcom

Expats in China experience a totally different life compared with back home, and it’s no doubt that there’s a lot to share, praise, and even tease about. A group of

More Metro Payment Options

Taking the metro can become a little tedious for those who don’t own a metro card, due to the inconvenience of having to buy tickets with cash—especially since people rarely

No-Parking Shared Bike Areas

During the middle of August, Mobike Company along with the local government launched the monetary penalty “electric fence,” in order to standardize and guide shared bike users to park bikes

DG Man Crosses English Channel

On August 3, Dongguan local Suwei Chen swam across the English Channel—an incredible feat! His achievement took 11 hours, 8 minutes and 2.5 seconds. Impressively, Suwei Chen is the third

Dongguan Bans Outpatient IV Drip

You may have been to local hospitals and seen many Chinese, from babies to the elderly, having intravenous injections. This incomprehensible image will disappear because a new regulation has been

Launch of Mandatory Recycling in DG

On July 18, the Dongguan government executive meeting approved the “Dongguan Mandatory Domestic Waste Classification Work Plan.” According to the Plan, Dongguan will start mandatory domestic waste classification in all

Dongguan Today Reaches 10

July 28 was the 10th anniversary of Dongguan Today’s English website. Dongguan Today is the first government English website among all prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province. It’s recorded that the

Filming on Happy Island

You might be pleased or interested to know that recently, Dongguan has been snapped up as a set for a local movie. It isn’t very often we hear about this