Help Ya’an Tally

Following the devastation left by the April 20 earthquake in Ya’An Sichuan, Treasures of Hope charity thrift store and the AMBD Brazilian women’s club, along with HERE! Dongguan, set about

Cartoon Fair

A cartoon fair, officially named the China International Animation Copyright Fair, is marching toward its fifth yearly event since 2009, greatly quickening developmental steps for the local animation industry. Being

GDP Looking Up

Dongguan Statistics Bureau released the economic data from the first half of 2013. The GDP showed an increase of 9.2 percent from last year at this time. Ranked 18th among

New Airport Check-In

A new airport check-in point was added to the Nancheng Bus Station in February this year, making it the ninth location with the service. All nine support airlines taking off

Women of the Future

Chronicling the viewpoint that China’s migrant factory workers “own the city” through numbers and labor, London based Chinese artist Jin Aowen depicted the life of female workers in 2020, when

International Premiere

A film project, locally produced by Here Design Studios and spanning five cities and two countries, has wrapped on all six of its films. Looking For, a collection of shorts

August Festivals

Apparently Chinese citizens can’t be satisfied with only one Valentine’s Day in a single year, having created at least two more romantic days for lovers. Falling this year on August

Visa Update

Aiming to cut back on foreigners illegally working and doing business in China, the State Council published draft regulations implementing new exit/entry administration law. The draft took effect, starting July

In the Local Media: August 2013

Dissected Taxi In the early morning of July 4, a speeding BMW soaring along Dongcheng’s Bar Street hit a taxi in the intersection of Dongcheng South and Dongcheng Zhi Roads. After

Hi-Tech Contact

On June 28, Dongguan Mayor Yuan Baocheng met with the British Consul General Alastair Morgan. Discussions were about UK- Dongguan cooperation on the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) project, the