TOH’s New Movement

The local charity association Treasures of Hope moved out from Tangla Hotel Dongguan at the end of July, while the partnership contract with Tangla Hotel finished and there were no

Tower Bridge Connects DG And UK

Tower Bridge, a technology-oriented British pub with authentic fish and chips is going to be unveiled to Dongguaners at the beginning of October in DG Mall. There’s no doubt that

Self-Checkout in DG Walmart

With a WeChat mini-program named “sao ma gou” [扫码购] now released at all 14 Walmart stores in Dongguan, customers can now check out all by themselves and scan and pay

Bridge to New Life

Gaobu Bridge was built through fundraising and includes a cross-bridge fee for paying back the funds, which set a precedent in Chinese history. Back then, it was very difficult for

Nonstop Train to Xiamen

Attention Dongguaners! The new high-speed train from Dongguan to Xiamen taking less than five hours is now available, as from July 1. Now at your ease and convenience, traveling to

A Batou landmark is closing

As we know, all good things come to an end. Sadly, there is no exception for one of our most popular bars, the Treehouse. Co-founder of the Treehouse and latest

A sweet weekend this July

Pencil July 20 to 22 in your calendar with pink marker because the 3rd Dessert Festival in Dongguan, uniting local vendors, will take place during this time at Dynacity Shopping

A Unique Experience For Your Kids

Have you ever thought about your children trying out modeling? The Dongguan Cup 2018 Supermodel for Children might be a great chance for them to experience something unique. Dongguan Cup

Yoga for all in Dongguan

On June 30, the second International Yoga Day event took place in Dongguan. The occasion was supported by The Indian Consulate General Guangzhou and coordinated by the Dongguan Indian community

How Very Convenient

During our daily lives, we see convenience stores at almost every corner we pass by. However, do you know how many of them there actually are in Dongguan? According to