Local Tigers Disappoint Again

Starting from March 3, the 2017 – 2018 China Men’s Basketball League (CBA) Playoffs came to an end on April 22. Sadly, our local Guangdong Tigers Basketball Team finalized their

New Subsidy Policy Program

The “Dongguan Foreign Trade Upgrading Support Center” program is running at Zhong Tian Lian Feng Creative Valley—meaning that start-up companies from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan stationed in the valley

Paws For A Cause Strikes Again

May 27 will see another adoption and fundraising event hosted by Paws For A Cause, supporting local animal shelters. The event will be held at Dog Dad’s Pet Club with

Join Beautiful DG This Spring

A group known as Beautiful Dongguan began about three years ago when the organization founder, Adam Thacker, became tired of seeing so much rubbish in the street near to where

Dragons Baseball Little League

Dongguan Dragons Baseball was established in 2011 by a handful of baseball enthusiasts. Now in 2018 the program has impressively grown to over 150 players. The tee ball division for

DG Broke A Guinness Record

Dongguan’s “Ten Thousand People Feast” was declared as a Guinness World Record after seeing more than 30,000 people dining at the same time. What an impressive feat for our beloved

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Celebrated for over 400 years now, Labor Selling Festival—aka the “Dongkeng water splashing festival”—comprises an immense gathering of locals, literally in the thousands, aiming fire at each other with their

A Global Project Hits SZ

Fascinatingly, a truly bilingual and global private schooling system with a whole new concept is currently in the making. As HERE! attended an event and press launch about the unveiling

Adeus, Boteco Brasil

The first ever authentic Brazilian restaurant in Dongguan—Boteco Brasil closed on March 13, 2018. Definitely a huge pity for the Dongguan community. With a history of around ten years, Boteco

Best Toilet City

Did you know that Dongguan ranks No.1 on the “City Open Toilet Coverage List” of the “Toilet Navigation System Big Data Analysis Report?” This means that Dongguan landed 1st place