In the Local Media: September 2014

Loyal Dog Neglected by Owner Dongguan’s local version of Hachiko, the Japanese dog that waited years at a train station for his deceased owner, remained alone for the summer at

In the Local Media: August 2014

A Wife’s Revenge Ms. Jiang, the wife of a Hong Kong businessman, has sued her husband’s mistress and won the case in Dongguan’s No. 3 People’s Court. Ms. Xie, the

In the Local Media: July 2014

Oh, Rat Farts Following an incident last summer at the Hillview Golf Club, in which a guest was hit by lightning, a law suit has been brought before the Dongcheng

In the Local Media: June 2014

Indecent Proposal Proposing to his girlfriend, a Zhangmutou man made the papers last month with an odd demonstration of his feelings. The middle-aged handyman, surnamed Lian, proposed at his girlfriend’s

In the Local Media: May 2014

Professional Road Rage When a commuter, riding on a Houjie City Bus on April 7, asked the driver to stop talking on her phone while driving, her response came as a

In the Local Media: April 2014

Tiger Business Police from Zhanjiang City in Southwest Guangdong raided a house in Leizhou where a tiger was being slaughtered. Arrests of 15 people were made on the night of

In the Local Media: March 2014

Easy Burglary The landlord of a first floor rental house in Dongcheng’s Shangsanqi Village was notified of a burglary by neighbors of an out of town tenant during the Chinese

In the Local Media: February 2014

Bad Student Nomination The Shuilin Middle School in Dalang Town reportedly asked teachers to nominate candidates for expulsion. According to a student whistle blower, each teacher was required to choose

In the Local Media:January 2014

Divorces Go Up This year statistics gathered through November have 1,039 couples divorcing in Dongguan’s four districts, which is the highest rate in five years. According to data from the

In the Local Media: December 2013

Sea Rehearsal On November 1, a training session rehearsing anti-smuggling methods was conducted across the sea from Shatian Town by the Dongguan Committee for Coastal Defense Combating Contraband. Over 120