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Taxi Rate Up Local taxi rates will soon be increased. On May 6, two new pricing plans were released by the Dongguan Development and Reform Bureau. The first plan determines

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Sperm Bank Welcomes Dongguan Men In what could be great news for Dongguan men, a PRD sperm bank has opened. The Human Sperm Bank of Guangdong, in Guangzhou is now

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Fresh Air Sale Two weeks of rain, fog and smog drove residents from heavy polluted areas of the province to escape to the north of Guangdong early March, only to

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Condom Battle A battle between a Japanese and a Chinese condom manufacturer over who makes the world’s thinnest condoms has ended in a lawsuit. In September 2014, Guangzhou Daming United

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Dongguan Tuhao Wedding A man took a plane to pick up his bride in Guizhou on December 22, with the stunt quickly going viral on the internet. The man drove

Droplets of Weird and Wonderful Chinese News: China Splash

Wife with No Name A security guard surnamed Nong, met a schizophrenic woman while at work in Houjie and promptly married her. They now have a nine month old child,

Droplets of Weird and News: China Splash

TEENAGE INFANTICIDE ATTEMPT A 15 year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy, and promptly threw him out of the window of a fifth floor house in Chang’an Jingxia Village,

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No Humans in Humen Store An unstaffed convenience store opened in downtown Humen Town, and, remarkably, didn’t suffer a single theft. The store, fittingly called Wu Ren Pu (Unmanned Shop)

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ear bud takes on new meaning The dramatic story of a man, his ear and an unwanted visitor played out in Chang’an recently. Mr. Li, 19, noticed an itch on

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Fight Fire with Firefox Taking to the radio, a representative for the fire department said Dongguan citizens post pictures or video of a fire on social media before calling emergency-line