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China Splash March 2017

Easier Admission for Foreigners? Starting from the Spring 2017 semester, Tsinghua University announced that they would utilize a new admission system for international students, and later received broad online criticism.

China Splash February 2017

Long-Lost Toddler Found Parents in DG Relying on DNA technology and a national database, a 15-year-old boy successfully found his parents after 12 years of lost contact. In 2005, the

China Splash January 2017

Fresh Steaks made with organic glue In December, a story exposing how small pieces of beef are glued together and made into slices of steak went viral. A video interviewing

China Splash December 2016

Crazy Shopping Festival During the Double 11 Online Shopping Festival, a vocational school in Dongguan—new to e-commerce—joined the fray and earned nearly 30 million RMB in one day. Cooperating with

China Splash

An Old Man’s Special Hobby 62-year-old He Kuiming became an online celebrity for always challenging himself with extreme sports. He fell in love with bungee jumping the first time he

China Splash

Dirty Waste Disposal in Guangxi A ship loaded with 400 tons of urban domestic waste from across Dongguan was caught dumping its load into the Xunjiang River in Teng County

China Splash

Young Man Is Sacrificed for Justice A 20 year-old man was stabbed to death by a thief whom he had stopped in the act near Hongfu Road. At 10:30 pm

China Splash August 2016

Report and Rewarded In Hongmei Town, the government is determined to reduce the bad public behaviors such as spitting, illegal parking and advertising by rewarding any people that report such

CARNAGE in Humen Warns Cycling Dangers [Warning: Graphic Content]

A man and his 2-year-old son riding on an electric bicycle were crushed yesterday as they were turning right onto Taisha Road (Humen Town, Dongguan) in front of a cement

China Splash

More Doctors Needed Dongguan will need to add at least 7,000 doctors in the next seven years to relieve the current shortage, especially for pediatricians. The city currently has 16,000