City Facts

Dongguan’s Zhongshan Land Dispute

A historic shrine has existed inside the 114 year-old Dongguan Middle School since the day it was established, but few people, even students from the school, know the story behind

Facts about our new Metro

Dongguan’s first metro line opened at 12 pm on May 27. By 8 pm on May 29, more than 398,000 passengers had used it. The total system length is 37.8

Guan Grass and Guan Incense

You probably notice these words (guǎn xiāng, guǎn cǎo) are mentioned a lot by local media. They both contain the city’s name, but do they relate to the city? The

Dongguan Canal

Believe it or not, Dongguan Canal was first built by hundreds of thousands of people  in 1957. It was based on an ancient moat surrounding the old city. After six

The Dongguan City Flower

Though this cute flower will appear as a symbol on the Dongguan Metro when it opens in May, few people know of Dongguan’ city flower, the White Michelia. In fact,

The National Sanitation City

If you ever find yourself walking around the city thinking, “Damn, this town has good sanitation. There should be some kind of award for the sheer lack of shit on

PRC’s First National Chess Champion

In Fenggang, a Chinese chess square was built  and dedicated to Chinese chess master Yang Guanlin, who was born in Tangli Village, Fenggang in 1925. Built in 2008, the 4,500


Ruins of ancient pottery as well as tools made of bone that were over 5,000 were found at Haogang Village in Nancheng in 2003. Now known as Haogang Shell Mound

Haunted Places

When places are abandoned in China, it is often rumors of ghosts that replace the noise. Such is the case with Dongcheng’s Yuyuan Garden. Built in the 90’s, residents left

Humen’s Intercity Feud

There has been a fight between Humen and Foshan for 35 years. Both say they were first in teh country to install the labor intensive economic plan called the “3-plus-1”