Ruins of ancient pottery as well as tools made of bone that were over 5,000 were found at Haogang Village in Nancheng in 2003. Now known as Haogang Shell Mound

Haunted Places

When places are abandoned in China, it is often rumors of ghosts that replace the noise. Such is the case with Dongcheng’s Yuyuan Garden. Built in the 90’s, residents left

Humen’s Intercity Feud

There has been a fight between Humen and Foshan for 35 years. Both say they were first in teh country to install the labor intensive economic plan called the “3-plus-1”

World’s Largest Handprint Painting

JULY 25, 2009 – On this day, the world’s biggest handprint painting was created at the hands of 10,000 Houjie Town youths. Mearuring 3,195 sq. meters, it broke the previous

Cheetah Commandos

Dongguan is home to an all-woman SWAT Team. This group of ten women trained in Special Weapons and Tactics was formed in 2002 and they gave themselves the nickname Cheetah

World’s Biggest Tee Time

June 14, 2014 – Dongguan is home to the world record holder for biggest one day golf tournament. The Golf World Record Challenge was held at Mission Hills Golf Club