City Facts

“The Subway to Spring” City Flash Mob

In April, a 5-min video went viral online, showing flash mobs happening inside the metro Line 2 and at Hongfu Road station. Departing from Humen Railway Station, the train was

China’s Smallest Town

In March, the National Geographic published an article about Dongguan’s Shilong Town in its Chinese website, attracting the attention of local media. The article introduced Shilong’s long history and cultural

Thousand-Corner Lantern

The Thousand-Corner Lantern Festival is Dongguan’s unique handcraft fair, which has been listed in the National Non-intangible Cultural Heritage list since 2006. During the Spring Festival, lanterns are lit for

The Tanka People

Along Machong’s western riverbank, a group of people called Tankas, or boat people, had lived on boats and pursued a livelihood of fishing along the Shizi Channel for hundreds of

DG’s Oldest Park

The 104-year-old People’s Park has been a major relaxing and leisure spot for many locals middle aged and older. As the city developed and expanded—people now have a lot more

Behind Humen’s fashion scene

On November 18, the 21st Humen International Fashion Fair & 2016 Humen Fashion Week kicked off at Humen’s brand new exhibition center. Looking back at Humen’s garment industry, the title

Dongguan Hakka in Jamaica

Traditionally, Dongguan has remained as one of the most popular hometowns for emigrating Chinese citizens. It’s interesting that Jamaica, a country with just 2.8 million people, has a population of

DG’s Motorcycle Ban

This year marks 10 years since Dongguan implemented the ban on motorcycles. At first, all non-Dongguan licensed motorcycles were forbidden. By August 2007, all electric bikes were banned and since

Self-combed Women

It’s rather hard to believe that over 100 years ago, when women didn’t have the freedom to choose their own spouses, there was a group of girls who combed up

Dongguan’s Historic Veranda Houses

In Guancheng, just a few blocks away from Keyuan Garden, rows of houses built in the 1930s—called Qi Lou—are situated around the Zhenhua Rd., Daxi Rd. and Zhongshan Rd. vicinity