City Facts

DG City Is 30 Years Old!

January 7, 2018, was the 30th anniversary of Dongguan as a prefectural-level city. A prefectural-level city (formerly known as a province-controlled city from 1949 to 1983) is an administrative division

Why Wangniudun?

Wangniudun is a town at the northwest of Dongguan. “Wang” means “look towards,” “niu” means”cattle,” “dun” means”mound.” Literally, Wangniudun means a mound where people look towards the cattle. During the

Goodbye, Red Mansion

As one of the earliest Western hospitals in China, Dongguan People’s Hospital was opened in 1888. Originally called Dongguan Puji Hospital of China Christian Rhenish Mission, the institution was built

Tong Bat Lat

Before starting to eat tong bat lat— glutinous rice boiled in hot syrup—some peanuts, sesame seeds, or sliced egg are usually added. Its Chinese name “tang bu shuai (sugar doesn’t

Que Jin Ting Bei

The ancient stone tablet—called “que” (to refuse), “jin” (gold), “ting” (pavilion) and ”bei” (stone tablet)—was built at a pavilion in Guancheng to honor one incorruptible official in early China. During

The Home of Sweet Potatoes

Delicious sweet potatoes are everywhere. The “healthy” potato once originated in the Americas, but now can be found in even the most remote parts of the world. So, how did


Ancient Dongguan was protected by an imposing wall, moat and four impressive gates. The east entrance was named He Yang Gate (He Yang Men 和阳门) because it was located close

The 20th Anniversary of Humen Bridge

This year marks the 20th year since the building of Humen Bridge, a date shared with the handover of Hong Kong SAR. In fact, the opening of the bridge served

DG Declared “New 1st Tier” City in China

According to the latest research from an even newer report on the commercial charm of 338 cities, Dongguan finally has been listed in China’s new first-tier cities, with another 14

“The Subway to Spring” City Flash Mob

In April, a 5-min video went viral online, showing flash mobs happening inside the metro Line 2 and at Hongfu Road station. Departing from Humen Railway Station, the train was