MEGAPIXEL: Event Pictures

Saturday’s “Guangdong Sino 10s Rugby Tournament” was an incredible exhibition of athleticism, as six teams played six games each (a total of 18 games) in a one-day round robin tournament!

Last night – August 31 – was HERE! Outdoors’ first monthly hiking event at Qifeng Park. Neither rainy weather nor a fallen tree on the main path could stop this

It was a fun day outing on August 26. About 20 families joined HERE! Coaching’s August family event, the Qifeng to Huying Walk-a-thon. Everyone enjoyed the fun activities while getting

BB Club, a Dongguan renowned powerful player in the entertainment industry, celebrated its 13th anniversary on August 28. The festive venue was swarming with hundreds of fans and partygoers despite

Our Back to School “School Uniform” Party was a rousing success on August 25. Attendees were quite creative in putting together school uniforms, and a great time was had by

One of Dongguan’s best-known expats, David Kundelius (founder of Grateful Q) celebrated his birthday as only he can…with a huge party at his new Grateful Q Bar & Grill on

King Mall had another full house on August 19. Party Rockers and Puzzle had a furious street dance battle, which was neck and neck provoking the nerves of all audience

The Craft Beer Festival is becoming one of the greatest traditions in Dongguan. We had a fantastic beer fest on August 18 at King Mall. It’s craftmanship to the core,

“Dongguan Cup” 2018 China Kids’ Supermodel Contest Final was held on August 17. There were 53 talented young supermodels competing with each other with their best performance under the limelight.

It was an unforgettable night at One for the Road on August 11. They had a great Saturday Night Live mini concert. NoVo band delivered a wonderful performance and OFTR