Necessary accessories This Season

Get trendy from head to toe this season with our latest summer accessories, expert fashion advice and where to go for the best items, depending on your budget and preference.

Wheels on A Battery Fire

Since the outlawing of motorcycles, ebike usage has grown explosively. You might like the casual, wind in your hair feeling as you arrive at work sweat-free, but there are other

The Moon is Chocolate

This month’s Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to gift brick-like cakes to friends and family. If you need a middle ground with local contacts, these Swiss chocolatiers have a sweeter

What’s All This Beef?

Few of us know what goes on under the butcher’s blade, but most of us will chew on what they serve up. Next time, order with a little more confidence.

How To Shop for Seafood: Find the Markets, Order It Pre-Prepped

When it comes to consistently eating healthy anywhere, but especially in China, cooking at home is a great option. Luckily for seafood lovers, Dongguan is located in the estuary of

Blossoming Trends: The Need to Know of Valentine’s Shopping in China

“If you consider buying a huge bunch of red roses from the flower streets for your girlfriends, you perhaps lived in the Middle Ages,” Ye Haomin, owner of a Dongguan

Best of China’s Gadgets: Kitchen Toys to Put in Storage

The kitchen can be a crazy and unpredictable place. For every mean, lean, grilling machine there is usually a sticky waffle maker forgotten and stuffed behind the toaster. While the

Breath Deeper: A Purchasing Guide for Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers

Dongguan is known to be warm and humid. It’ average temperatures between May and September rarely fall below 30 °C and yearly relative humidity averages 71 percent. This year is

Buying Second Hand: A Used Furniture Directory

Spring cleaning; the end of the school year; a deceptively uncomfortable couch. These are all legitimate reasons to yank the amalgamations of particle board, staples and pleather outside to beat