Model Mandarin: Internet Slang

BEAR IN MIND Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. Some words are not necessarily found in traditional dictionaries. However, people use them quite often in daily language.

Model Mandarin: Animal Cliché

BEAR IN MIND: Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. The world of clichés is filled with dogs and pigs. China is no different. When communicating use these

Model Mandarin: Clocking Out

Bear In Mind: Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. Some gifts don’t make good surprises, and won’t be appreciated by your Chinese friends. Clocks can’t be a

Chinese Hangover Cures: 7 Secrets to Improving Your Day

Work hard, play hard; there are few cities where this is truer than in Dongguan. Whether it be a late evening drinking rice wine with suppliers in a restaurant, followed

Flash Floods, Top to Bottom: What We Did Right, Where It Went Wrong

Oops! Water is everywhere. From April to September, Dongguan, a city with mild subtropical weather, has entered its wet season, posing a challenge to Dongguan’s drainage system. At the end

Breath Deeper: A Purchasing Guide for Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers

Dongguan is known to be warm and humid. It’ average temperatures between May and September rarely fall below 30 °C and yearly relative humidity averages 71 percent. This year is

Half the Battle: What to Ask Your Garden about Pesticides

Mosquitoes and cockroaches are a big problem in many areas in China and many residential complexes have pesticide spray schemes to help control insects. While pesticides can be used safely

Model Mandarin: Modern Speak

Top Tip: Quiz Game Learning to read Chinese characters can be scary, but the guys over at Skritter have managed to make it seem more fun than frightening. The software,

Buying Second Hand: A Used Furniture Directory

Spring cleaning; the end of the school year; a deceptively uncomfortable couch. These are all legitimate reasons to yank the amalgamations of particle board, staples and pleather outside to beat

Wish You Were Here: Tips for International Mail

Mailing personal items or gifts across seas or continents can be a disturbing venture if you don’t know the differences in the many parcel mailing services and prohibitions of Chinese