Living Here

Start School in Good Health

With the return to school comes the return of germs and children running a higher risk of getting sick. Find out how to keep your child’s mind and body healthy

Runaway From Excuses and Jog!

It’s easy to think of an excuse for not doing your daily exercise. but why waste all the progress you have made or could make? here’s what you can do

Frozen Favorites for summertime

Summertime is in full swing in Dongguan and people are looking for ways to keep cool. Ice cream and frozen treats walk hand-in-hand with summer. Most share in the memory

Necessary accessories This Season

Get trendy from head to toe this season with our latest summer accessories, expert fashion advice and where to go for the best items, depending on your budget and preference.

A Sport Served In Every Town

Table tennis (ping pong) is the kind of sport which to the untrained eye is a fun hobby. Factor in China’s fierce reputation for the majority of Olympic gold medals

From Dongguan To The Next City

If you’ve been living and working in Dongguan for some time now, moving to another city in China could be on the horizon. However, make sure to consider these key

Handy Home Remedies

Whether it’s to cure an ailment, or to rid the symptoms, home remedies are sometimes the most effective, natural and cheapest option to stop your suffering. Here’s what you can

Going For Gold At Baiyun Zhang

It is true that the best things in life are free, and with that in mind, hiking the stunning, golden, meadow-like mountain of Baiyun Zhang certainly falls into that ideology.

Pinpointing The Role of Acupuncture

With the recent trends of TCM emerging in western culture, acupuncture is considered an effective treatment for physical rehabilitation, in both Chinese and western medicine. During my stay in Dongguan

Drink and Dash in Dongguan

Dating back to 1938, the globally renowned sporting social club, hash house harriers, indeed now exists here in Dongguan. Get your running shoes at the ready for this memorable and