Vlogging Wave Makers in China

Video apps offer a platform to show talents, share skills and express ideas. Stay up to date on internet celebrities in Dongguan, Guangdong and china-wide and find out why they’re

WeChat Know-Hows for Dummies

If you have lived in china for an extended amount of time you know how to work WeChat, but those of you who are new might find this useful. Figure

Keep Up With China’s Apps

China has a rising number of apps, with WeChat and BeautyCam only scratching the surface. Find out what locals in Dongguan use to follow the latest and greatest trends online.

Exposing DiDi EN’s Hidden Gems

DiDi has made navigating Dongguan much easier since launching DiDi EN. However, nothing is perfect and sometimes you may encounter a bump in the road. Check out these hidden gems

Get Your Ticket to Ride

Too many times have we missed trains because of the eternal queues to buy tickets. What is taking so long?! Skip the lines and join the modern age with Dongguan’s

Expert Tips: Internet Speed

Internet speed has a direct link to premature baldness. If you’re losing hair and productivity, every little bit helps. Can’t listen to your favorite radio stream, or load your beloved

App A Day Work Week

The ultra-popular, messenger app wechat  has commandeered chunks of downtime, taking over chats from work, play and family. Here’s five more ways to waste time—one for each work day.  Day

The Blackhole List: Take Action against Junk Text Messages

Like biological warfare, the carriers of spam roll through China’s neighborhoods spreading pestilence indiscriminately. While not always quite so dramatic (cold calls have long been a sales strategy) today’s spammers

Clearing the Path: An Expert Weighs in on E-Mail

One head-scratcher inescapable while living and working in China, is a limited access to foreign websites and servers. Under the influence of the powerful Chinese firewall, foreign e-mail services such

Weather You Like It: A Science Lovers Museum

Nestled beside the Dongguan botanical garden in Nanchang is the Dongguan Meteorological Bureau from where daily weather updates for the city are observed, diagnosed and made known to the public.