Seven Dongguan Truths

Whether new or seasoned in Asia, you’ve undoubtedly experienced differences. Most people have one or more reasons for being in China, and now that you’ve found Dongguan, you may be

One Day in central square

Have 16 hours of free time? Follow these easy, step-by-step directions for a full day of discovering the better and lesser known neighborhoods of Dongguan. Breakfast Up Start the day

China Calling: A Punk Tour with Clowns

To be a band touring in China was totally a dream come true. We had been offered the opportunity a couple times over the last 12 months, and with not

Pet Shipping: The Instruction Book

Let’s face it. Your pets are relying on you, and you can’t live without them. To bring them along on the adventure of living overseas, or returning from the odyssey,

Xiamen Guide: Last Minute Plans for the Golden Week

Xiamen Guide: Last year, the 502-kilometer Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway was put into use. One of its stations—the Humen Baisha Station, the only high-speed railway station in this city—connects Dongguan with

China’s Orlando: Can It Pass the Full Family Test? – Chime Long Ocean Kingdom

  China’s Orlando: Chime Long Ocean Kingdom If you’re an expat with young kids, and you hear of a supposed “world-class, super large, integrated theme, tourist resort” opening merely two

Plan Ahead: Holiday Resort, City of the Future

Complain if you will about the subtropical heat of the Pearl River Delta. The good thing is, for all the suffering brought by the heat, when the long October holiday

Top 4 Bus Stops: For the Left Behind

For those of us stuck in Dongguan during the Chinese New Year, there are still a few choices for a peaceful and relaxed rest instead of being a couch potato.

Hot Spring Happy: Two Days in Relax Mode

We know what you’re thinking, “it’s getting cold out there—well, as cold as it gets in a subtropical climate.” The Chinese New Year holiday is also around the corner, so

Top 5 Reasons Zhangjiajie is Better than a Movie

Cruising at an altitude of 1,200 meters, through a cloud of fog with glimpses of spiked mountains in the surroundings, is a memory that will remain vivid in one’s mind