A New Spin on Things in DG

Ultimate Frisbee has been quietly capturing the hearts and minds of athletes in China over the last 15 years. Delivering thrills and top sportsmanship, Ultimate Frisbee has now arrived in

Give the Dog a Vacation He Deserves

Dog owners rejoice! There’s finally a perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon with man’s best friend. Will you swim or play games? Does your pet need a little schooling?

Eat, Pick and See

There’s nothing like Getting out of the city and into the wild. Everything’s better at the source, but especially fruits and vegetables. Though normally framed as the world’s factory, Dongguan

Donggusn’s Tigers Set To Win Title

Against all odds, the Tigers have added some key veterans, trained up their youth and now they’re on a warpath to once again claim the CBA championship. Head Strength Coach,

A Fun Game Between Pals

Modern interpretations of classics can be both exciting and refreshing. As new soft darts games become more and more popular, especially in Dongguan, where Pals just held their 7th championship,

Toss The Ball, Make ’em Drink

After years of responsibility have ground down your ability to enjoy life, you might have forgotten all the critical knowledge gained during years of being a liberated student. Ah, the

The Dragon’s Own T-Rex

The Dongguan Dragons’ captain has been awarded a scholarship to chase his baseball dream… Say it quietly, but Dongguan might have its very own baseball star in the making. Just

A Hole in One For Donggulan

World’s Woman’s golf Championship Once known as ‘green opium’ due to its bourgeois decadence, slowly but surely golf is seeing a surge in its reputation in China, getting the nation

Dongguan Takes A Bow – Archery in Dongguan

For adventurous types that like their nights out to have a firmly prehistoric vibe, the city now has the perfect answer… Ok, so, catching the new Star Wars movie might

The Spa Not Quite Fit For A King

There’s something to be said for casually tossing off all your cares and clothes, and going for a hot steam and a long sleep I’m smoking a cigarette with three