Cricket King: Enduring the Sounds of Battle

“Chirp. Chirp, chirp.” The cacophony of crickets is heard after pushing the rusty knocker of a black wooden door. Stepping through a doorway to hear the summer noise of the

This is Where I’m Supposed to Be: Stephon Marbury Q&A

Stephon Marbury is a veteran basketball star, member of the 2004 Olympic team and an international headline maker. He spent 13 years in the NBA after being drafted fourth overall

Going Organic, China Style

Considering the food scandals that are ever-present on Chinese newsstands, is China ripe for the whole food, organic trend to gain popularity, and lift the country’s next generation of wealthy

Moving South: MIDI Festival Rocks Guangdong

It was just a few years ago that the cancellations of some of China’s music festivals and the rumors that followed caused concern that the country’s growing underground rock ‘n’

Bite Sum: Top Ten Dim Sum Guide

The bite-size local treat, dim sum, is popular around the world with rich variety, often served on small bamboo steamers. Eating dim sum in a crowded great hall can be

Unsavory Elements: Book of Stories, Passable Read

Peter Hessler’s River Town, like many newbies to this country, was one of the first books read after landing in China over three years ago. So when perusing the content

Women of the Comb

Better Single than Oppressed In a two-story, dark grey sotto-portico-style house in Dongguan’s Hengli Town once lived eight unmarried women, but now there’s only the last one. She is Ouxiao Yin.

Top 5 Reasons Zhangjiajie is Better than a Movie

Cruising at an altitude of 1,200 meters, through a cloud of fog with glimpses of spiked mountains in the surroundings, is a memory that will remain vivid in one’s mind

Mountain Maverick: An Audit of the ‘Fifth Estate’

He’s a character in the eyeline of those who matter in China, and guardedly followed by those at the office of HERE! Dongguan. Many may not know Mark Kitto by

Oscar Predictions: My Opinions are as Legit as Anybody’s

If this film was judged on gravitas alone, its nomination would easily be validated, but voters should also consider the completeness of the film. Costumes, lighting, hair and make-up, script