Movie Reviews

Pouring Magic into Marvel

Coming as the fourteenth feature film in the Marvel Universe, Doctor Strange joins quite a prolific series. Directed by Scott Derrickson, who until now has mostly worked on horror flicks,

Love Taught by an Ape-Man

You know that the right side of your mustache is just a little bit lower than the left?” utters Jane (Margot Robbie) scornfully towards antagonist, Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz), leader

The Manliest of Them All

It was originally the title of the movie, Never Back Down, and the poster, which includes a big, muscular black guy that’s wearing ragged gloves and looking ready to brawl

Deadpool Spills Blood and Laughter

For those of us that prefer their superheroes to bow to moral ambiguity instead of towards traditional cookie-cutter, good guy molds, there seems much on offer today. It’s now almost

The Jungle Book

There is always a danger in remaking films, particularly when you are remaking something as iconic, much-loved, and mesmerizing as Disney’s 1967 animated feature, The Jungle Book which pretty much

Batman V Superman

Sequels. Prequels. Reboots! It’s that time of year when Hollywood spends millions to regurgitate old stories and characters with updated plots, directors, and actors in rubber costumes while branding it

The Dead End

Lauded for breaking long-held Chinese taboos, The Dead End seems to have attracted audiences primarily for its supposed modernity. Those of a delicate nature should note that the first five

Wolf Totem

Avid film hobbyists, most critical literature and the big websites universally panned Wolf Totem as another lemon off the Copywood assembly line, and for good reason. The massive panning shots

Indie Movie Reviews: One Expat Story, One Dongguan Debut

This is Sanlitun (2013) When it came across my desktop, I thought, “Finally, someone has done it.” Bar talk in every expat community, as far as I can tell, is