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Robots Conquer Local Restaurants

The future is coming, creeping up slowly like the robots found in a growing number of Chinese cities. Are they on track for world domination? Our resident robot expert finds

Five Cocktails: That Put China on the Menu

Every great country should have a great cocktail. Mexico has its Margarita, Brazil has its caipirinha, and Cuba has its mojito. When thinking of China and cocktails, however, it is

Food is a Comfort: Behind Each Treat, A Good Story

Guancheng is one of the few pieces of land that has preserved a little bit of the local culture in this rapidly changing city. The younger or wealthier have moved

Unwrapping the Cook: Classes for International Tastes

Cultural growth is not something that the residents of our little city by the river must make an effort to find. That aspect of the full life is fulfilled on

The Asian Cappuccino: A Menu Guide for Trendy Milk Cap Tea

A mysterious tea beverage has taken root around the country with a uniqueness in flavor and texture, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Local forums are chatting it up. Less than

Going Organic, China Style

Considering the food scandals that are ever-present on Chinese newsstands, is China ripe for the whole food, organic trend to gain popularity, and lift the country’s next generation of wealthy

Bite Sum: Top Ten Dim Sum Guide

The bite-size local treat, dim sum, is popular around the world with rich variety, often served on small bamboo steamers. Eating dim sum in a crowded great hall can be

Regional Goodies: A Tradition Struggles On

In the heart of Guancheng’s old and torn alleys five dim workshops with faded signs line one side of the busy, two-meter-wide Qianxiang Street that for over a decade has