Dine & Drink

Snacking on Late Night BBQ

Find out where to go in Dongcheng for fourth meal or that late night snack with these two excellent barbecue locations. Choose between a formal setting or the more traditional

Start Your Day the Local Way

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and in Dongguan it is no different. Find some of the best and most unique places to get a chang

Bobas, Bubbles and Pearls

Dongguan is bubbling over with bubble tea. this is a popular sweet drink among locals and expats, but what is bubble tea? here! finds out more about the Taiwanese drink

Craft Beer Pairing For Dummies

Expertly hand-brewed craft beer always has its own character, exhibiting layers of creativity and passion from its maker. Craft beer is treasured by millions for being not only just a

The Food Behind the Dragon

Everyone knows the racing dragons that invade local waterways each June. Some may have even tried zongzi, the holiday treat. but almost assuredly, almost no one knows how to make

It’s Getting Hot In HERE

There are probably too many of you out there that think chili is just a bowl of meat and spice. Boy, you could not have been more wrong. A metric

Snowflakes in A Rice Bowl

What’s the hippest thing to eat during the terribly burning summer heat? Ice cream? Lemon tea? Yogurt? None of the above. It’s time you learn how to eat cool. Once

Here’s To The Best of The Best

What started as a simple idea to support a great cause has turned into an ultra popular culinary event that draws even the least likely of participants. There are plenty

A Taste For Travel

It’s all-too-easy to play it safe when eating abroad, but stepping outside your comfort zone can offer a rich and tasty reward As the summer holidays speed into view, so

Disciples of Food

Good France Escoffier Gala Dinner – 7 Michelin star chefs descend on Guangzhou for a food extravaganza Just outside Guangzhou, the Imperial Springs Resort, Conghua hosted a decadent Escoffier Gala