Packed Full of Culture And Art

A lot of people might think Dongguan is just about factories and business, but the local government is making huge strides to change this and bring free culture to the

My Dongguan Fortune Teller

In the name of intrepid reporting, one HERE! correspondent decided to visit a local fortune teller to see what he had to say… In the popular imagination the fortune teller

‘Bare Sticks’ on Singles’ DAY

FOR SOME it is a time for sadness, for others it is a time to celebrate, BUT HOW DID Singles’ Day start AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN IN CHINA TODAY?

Craftsmen Hit Hard Times

Did you know that this city is the reigning champion of the world? Machong Everbright Dragon Boat Club took the honors in Ravenna, Italy at last year’s international championships. But

The Beautician and The Thread

When one of Dongguan’s most respected cosmetologists takes a tour to find an ancient beauty secret, she discovers a less painful way to a smooth face. It’s human nature to

Two-Sided Story: Show about Sisters Takes on Bigger Issue

With shows like The Empress (武媚娘) and Journey to the West (西游记), much of China’s television spins yarn into fantastic renditions of ancient culture and myth, but with Hakka Sisters,

Map of the Future: Customize Your Prophetic Practices

There is a curiosity that lingers around what the future holds. Fortune telling is practiced around the world in various forms, all with the same objective—a lens into the future.

Crafty Couple: Disability Sparks a Lifetime of Artistry

Huang Xueyu, 72, lives nearby the Dongjiang River surrounded by a beautiful scene of willows growing around a clear pond, but for an entire life he has scarcely stepped away

Cricket King: Enduring the Sounds of Battle

“Chirp. Chirp, chirp.” The cacophony of crickets is heard after pushing the rusty knocker of a black wooden door. Stepping through a doorway to hear the summer noise of the

Moving South: MIDI Festival Rocks Guangdong

It was just a few years ago that the cancellations of some of China’s music festivals and the rumors that followed caused concern that the country’s growing underground rock ‘n’