Start Your Day the Local Way

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and in Dongguan it is no different. Find some of the best and most unique places to get a chang

WeChat Know-Hows for Dummies

If you have lived in china for an extended amount of time you know how to work WeChat, but those of you who are new might find this useful. Figure

Isn’t It past Your Bedtime?

As adults, most strive to get to bed early, but as children there was excitement in staying up past your bedtime. However, in china bedtimes are not set in stone

Bobas, Bubbles and Pearls

Dongguan is bubbling over with bubble tea. this is a popular sweet drink among locals and expats, but what is bubble tea? here! finds out more about the Taiwanese drink

Keep Up With China’s Apps

China has a rising number of apps, with WeChat and BeautyCam only scratching the surface. Find out what locals in Dongguan use to follow the latest and greatest trends online.

A Child’s Cold in a Mixed Marriage

It can be a frightening experience when your child gets sick. Do they need to go to the hospital or is this something that can be dealt with at home?

Exposing DiDi EN’s Hidden Gems

DiDi has made navigating Dongguan much easier since launching DiDi EN. However, nothing is perfect and sometimes you may encounter a bump in the road. Check out these hidden gems

Craft Beer Pairing For Dummies

Expertly hand-brewed craft beer always has its own character, exhibiting layers of creativity and passion from its maker. Craft beer is treasured by millions for being not only just a

For The Love of Food

Food is a very important part of everyday life, with likes and dislikes, routines and habits. But what happens when dining becomes a topic of debate in a cross-cultural relationship?

Send Your Kids Out To The World

The concept of “summer camps” is not new to westerners, however many Chinese still don’t get the point of a proper enriching experience. Let’s take a look at some of