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让你梦想成真! | Make A Dream Come True

球王贝利,外星人罗纳尔多,人见人爱的小贝,梅西,C罗……当你听闻年少时敬仰的英雄时,你的心里是否还会想起曾经追逐过的足球梦呢?你摸一摸啤酒肚,挠一挠日益稀疏的头发,疲惫而又无奈地说一句:“小时候没条件踢球,现在哪有精力想这些啊……” Pelé, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo… Upon hearing these names, does it stir up your long-forgotten dream of becoming a football player? Tired and indifferent, you claim

From Bottom to Big Time: Cristiano Ronaldo | 高富帅本帅C罗养成记

On March 13, a man swept across all headlines in newpapers and social media around the world. That man is the 34-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if you are not a

Register For A Free Frisbee Demo Class | 预约免费的飞盘体验课

 What is Ultimate Frisbee?   极限飞盘是什么?  Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive sport with no physical contact. It combines the advantages of basketball’s footwork, football’s running, and American football’s scoring. As a

Italian Serie A Football For DG Kids | 意甲俱乐部来东莞教你家孩子踢足球啦

On the topic of football, most Chinese will probably be thinking “Damn, our ancestors invented this cool game, but we have failed in carrying forward the glory.” Typically, most Chinese